About this site

I’m a researcher and lecturer in the school of social sciences at Leeds Beckett University. Known to others as Glen Jankowski mostly because that is my name (see Jones, Bridgett. 2001). I’m trying to document and share some ‘a-ha’  moments that I’ve had in research and teaching.

You can email me at g.jankowski@leedsbeckett.ac.uk / g.jankowski[at]leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Other projects

Youtube channel – In the spirit of open access, I have gotten over the horror of recording your own voice and recorded some of my lectures (&with slides) here.

BME Psychology – Along with colleagues at Leeds Beckett University, I also run a website designed to showcase BME psychological and anti-racist work to diversify psychology: www.bmepsychology.com

The Balding Buddy – this is a website that provides advice for hair loss that isn’t from a Big Pharmaceutical company or from a hairloss transplant surgeon (many of whom regularly write for Huffington Post): www.thebaldingbuddy.wordpress.com

My research

  • Jankowski, G. S., Tshuma, S., Tshuma, S., & Hylton, M. (2017). Light except Lupita: The representation of Black women in UK magazines. Psychology of Women Section Review, 19(1). Full paper here.
  • Jankowski, G. S., Fawkner, H., Slater, A., Tiggemann, M. (2016). Are gay men’s websites more ‘appearance potent’ than straight men’s websites in the UK? Psychology of Sexualities Review, 7(2), 49-62. Full paper here.
  • Jankowski, G. S. (2016). Who stops the sweatshops? The neglect of maldistibution in body image advocacy. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 10(11), 581-590. Full paper here.
  • Jankowski, G. S., Braybrook, D. Robertson, S. & Gough, B. (2015). New perspectives on the maturing field of men’s health: Introduction to a special conference issue. International Journal of Men’s Health, 14(3), 197-200. 10.3149/jmh.1403.197. Full paper here.
  • Harris, R. & Jankowski G. S. (2015). Victor or victim? Foregrounding the independent escort experience outside of the polarised debate. Graduate Journal of Social Sciences, 11(2), 55-75.
  • Halliwell, E., Jarman, H., McNamara, A., Ridson, H. & Jankowski, G. (2015). Dissemination of evidence-based body image interventions: A pilot study into the effectiveness of using undergraduate students as interventionists in secondary schools. Body Image. 
  • Jankowski, G. S., (2014). Hair loss websites and research: a hard sell masquerading as support? Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, 3(6), https://doi.org/10.12968/joan.2014.3. Full text here.
  • Jankowski, G. S., Fawkner, H., Slater, A., Tiggemann, M. (2014). Are gay men’s magazines more ‘appearance potent’ than straight men’s magazines in the UK? Body Image. Full paper here
  • Jankowski, G. S., Diedrichs, P. C., Williamson, H., Christopher, G. & Harcourt, D. (2014). Looking age-appropriate while growing old gracefully: A qualitative study of ageing and body image among older adults. Journal of Health Psychology. Full paper here.
  • Jankowski, G. S., Diedrichs, P. C. & Halliwell, E. (2013). Can appearance conversations explain differences between gay and heterosexual men’s body dissatisfaction? Psychology of Men and Masculinity
  • Becker, C. B., Diedrichs, P. C., Jankowski, G. & Werchon, C (2013). I’m not just fat, I’m old: has the study of body image overlooked “old talk”? International Journal of Eating Disorders
paint glen

Cartoonizing yourself and wearing a tailored jacket is very flattering.

Most of my research is here:


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